Jamaica and the fastest people in the World

When people ask who the fastest man/woman in the world is the answer is normally based on who wins the 100 meter dash in the Olympics/World Championships. The current fastest man is Usain Bolt and women is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price both are Jamaican. Usain Bolt is also the 100 and 200 meter dash world record holder. Of the top five fastest 100 meter times for men four of them are Jamaican.  So what makes them so fast?

The first part to the Jamaican speed is a good diet. Most Jamaicans have a diet that includes lots of yam and green banana which according to Professor Errol Morrison of the University of Technology in Jamaica,  over time can help stimulate muscle growth and help muscles work faster.

Jamaicans also have great genetics on there side as well. Researchers from the University of Glasgow and University of the West Indies have begone studies on runners genetics and found that 70% have a strong form of the gene ACTN3. This gene produces protein in fast twitch muscle fibers that has been linked to better sprinting.

The final reason Jamaicans are great sprinters is the drive they all have. Jamaica has high crime and poverty rates and sprinting is a way out. Track and field in Jamaica is like football and baseball in America or soccer in Europe. When a major event track meet like the Olympics is going on the whole island stops to watch. While diet and genetics are a huge help nothing compares to the drive Jamaicans have to be the best sprinters in the world.




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